Catalog Data: 240-490 Transportation Engineering. 3 cr. The technological and common elements of all modes of transportation, their effect on performance, demand, and outputs of a transportation system. Development of new transportation systems. Prereq: jr st.

Textbook: Transportation Engineering Notes, Edward Beimborn.
Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering, C.S. Papacostas, Prentice Hall.

Goals: This course presents a unified treatment of transpor- tation engineering, and how the specialities of vehicle design, guideway design, traffic management, and transportation planning relate to one another.

Prerequisites by Topic:<p>

  1. Junior standing.
  2. Elementary mechanics.
  3. Principles of engineering design.

Topics: (Each class is 1.5 hours)

  1. Benefits and status of transportation. (2 classes)
  2. Transportation demand, planning techniques. (2 classes)
  3. Supply of transportation; vehicles; terminals; and networks. (5 classes)
  4. Geometric Design of Highways (5 classes)
  5. Operating policy. (2 classes)
  6. Flow characteristics and capacity. (6 classes)
  7. Transportation economics. (2 classes)
  8. Transportation impacts. (2 classes)
  9. Tests, review. (5 classes)