CE 490:
Transportation Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Department of Civil Engineering

Course Syllabus

The Transportation Engineering Process

Table of Contents for Course Notes


Assignment #1, Due Feb 15

Mode Split Assignment, Due Mar 1

Network Analysis Assignment, Due March 1

Propulsion and Resistance Assignment, Due March 8

Location, Queuing and Wind Rose Assignment, Due March 15

Parking Lot Assignment, Due March 31

Highway Design Assignment, Due April 14

Pavement Design and Fleet Size Assignment, Due April 28

Capacity Assignment, Due May 10

Course notes for two lane highway capacity analysis

Course notes for basic freeway capacity analysis

Benefit Cost and Enviromental Imapct Assignment, Due May 12

Benefit Cost Spreadsheet

Barrier Free Design Assignment, Due May 5

Useful Stuff

Transportation Engineering Course materials at other schools

GNE/QRS Primer

Instructions for online version of Wisconsin Facilities Design Manual

Wisconsin Traffic Crash Facts

California Highway Design Manual

State of Washington Design Manual

Illinois Design and Environmental Manual

Eugene Oregon Arterial highway design guide

Highway Capacity Manual Guidebook

CUTS links to transportation web pages:

CAiCE Web Page

On line lab manual from the University of Idaho

Purdue University Introduction to Transportation Engineering Course

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