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240-492 Environmental Impact Assessment. 3 cr. Study and evaluation of the impacts of large scale projects on the quality of the environment, with emphasis on the assessment of physical and community impacts. Impact statement preparation. Prereq: sr st.

Textbook: Collection of articles, reports and software from The Cement Literature on Impact Assessment.

References: Environmental Impact Assessment, Larry W. Canter, McGraw Hill, 1977. Environmental Impact Analysis Handbook, John C. Rau and David C. Wooten, McGraw Hill, 1980.

Goals: This course shows how different impacts of civil engineering projects can be both quantitatively and qualitatively assessed. It discusses how environ- mental concerns may be incorporated into the design of large engineering systems. It emphasizes a con- sistent approach to evaluation that can be adapted to any type of project.

Topics: (Each class is 1-1/2 hours.)

  1. Environmental assessment laws and regulations. (4 classes)
  2. Air pollution assessment. (5 classes)
  3. Noise pollution assessment. (5 classes)
  4. Water and biological impact assessment. (3 classes)
  5. Energy and socioeconomic impact assessment. (3 classes)
  6. Land-use and community impact assessment. (4 classes)
  7. Impacts on Natural areas (4 classes)
  8. Evaluation methods. (4 classes)
  9. Examinations. (2 classes)