CE 492:
Environmental Impact Assessment

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Department of Civil Engineering

Course Syllabus

Table of Contents for Course Notes

Assignments 1 and 2, due February 15

Evaluation Assignment due February 17

Sustainabulity Assignment due March 3

Air Pollution Assignment 1, due March 8

Air Pollution Assignment 2, due March 10

Air Pollution Policy Spreadsheet

Noise Assignment 1, due April 12th

Noise Assignment 2, due April 28th

Noise Barrier Spreadsheet

Natural Impacts Assignment, due May 12th

Highway 17 Project

Highway 17 Newspaper Report

Highway 17 design report

Highway 17 maps

Highway 17 evaluation data (spreadsheet)

WDNR Maps Webview

Wisconsin Aquatic and Terrestrial Resources Inventory

Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Land Information Web site

Waukesha County GIS data, needs internet explorer ver 5.5 or higher?

General Links

Link to Prof Horowitz's web page for this course

Landview Software and data download site

CUTS links to transportation web pages:

General Environmental Issues

Council on Enviromental Quality, 40 most asked questions
Environmental Impact Data Links
NEPA net (environmental impact statement sources)
Tranportation and the Environment (US EPA)
FHWA Environmental Information
FHWA Environmental Guidebook
National Institute for the Environment, Congressional Research Service
Transportation and Development Politics
California DOT Environmental Information
FHWA Public Involvement Guide

Principles of Communication

Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution
Air Pollution Effects and Solutions, from Atlanta Heating and air conditioning
Ozone level Mapping and Animations
US EPA Air quality data and animations
US EPA Air Links (air quality information)
US EPA Air Pollution Technology Transfer site
Current Air Quality at UWM monitoring station
California Air Resources Board
A plain english guide to the clean air act
Transportation and Air Quality
Urbemis Software
Cal Line 4 Software
EmFac2002 software


Design of Freeway Noise Barriers

Land Use

Farming on the Edge Report
Second Nature, Transportation and Natural Impacts
California Environmental Handbook

Design Guides

FHWA Toolbox for Regional Policy Analysis
Instructions for online version of Wisconsin Facilities Design Manual
Online Wisconsin FDM, needs netscape 4.77 or above or Internet explorer 4.01 or higher,
California Highway Design Manual
State of Washington Design Manual
FHWA Flexibility in Highway Design Report

Landview Software download site

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