CE 596: Transportation Facilities Design

Course Description:

3 cr., U/G, physical design of transportation facilities including geometric design, pavements, and terminals for highway, rail, air and water transportation. Student project work will be required. Prereq: CE 335, CE 490.


Course notes, available at Clark's on Oakland
Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Facilities Development Manual.
CEAL Tutorial.
Course Outline:

Week Topic

  1. Introduction, Elements of Design Process
  2. Airport Design: Runway, Taxiway Gates
  3. Capacity Analysis
  4. Landslide -- Demand Forecasts, Terminal Design Elements
  5. Railway Design
  6. Highway Design: Intersections, Geometrics, Channelization
  7. (Midterm Exam)
  8. Access Control
    Bicycle Facilities
  9. Computer Aided Design
  10. Commands
  11. Design Process for Transportation Facilities Design
  12. Interchanges
  13. Pavement Design
  14. Bituminous materials
    Flexible pavements
  15. Rigid pavements
    Pavement rehabilitation


There will be several design project assignments during the semester involving the development of design plans for various types of transportation facilities. These will be worth 20 to 50 points each and 60% of the final grade. Late assignments will be reduced one point per school day up to a maximum of 50%. In addition there will be a midterm exam and a final worth 20% each.