CE 790: Transportation Systems Design

Course Syllabus

Request for a Request for Proposals

Transportation 2050: Student Seminar papers

Lecture Stuff

The Systems Approach to Transportation

Project Planning and Proposal Development
The Blob Chart, A simplified way to allocate resources over time
Systems Analysis: What, Why, How?
Basics of Problem Definition
Fundamentals of innovation and change
Fundamentals of Models
Creativitiy and Transportation
Transportation Alternatives
A structured Approach to Evaluation
Measurement of Transit Benefits
Trasnportation Asset Management Primer
A Travel Modeling Primer

Long Term Transportation Issues

Future Social and Technological Change and its impact on Transportation
Sustainability, etc.
Sustainability power point presentation.
American Planning Association Policy guide on sustainability
Sustainable Transport, A source book, Overview
Moving towards the sustainable vehicle of the future
Land use and Transportation
Transportation and Global Climate Change
Environmental Justice

Relevant Web sites

Victoria Policy Institute Sustainable Transportation Information
Top 100 Growth web sites
National Science Council Sustainable Communities Team
Transportation for Livable Communities Network
Evaluating Criticism to Smart Growth (Todd Littman)
Congress for the new Urbanism
Smart Growth Network
Sustainable Communities Network"
Center for Excellence in Sustainable Development, US Dept of Energy
Petroleum supply forecast/debate
Global Climate change and Transportation
Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change
Transportation Action Network
Sustainable Urban Transport (Asia) (Needs MS explorier or higher version of Netscape)
Murdoch Univ (Austrailia) Institute for Sustainability Policy
GAO Urban Sprawl Report
Portland, Oregon Traffic Calming Program
Oregon Smart Growth Program
Toronto, 'Moving the Economy' Sustainable Transport
Victoria Transportation Policy Institiute Sustainability, etc papers
Growing Greener - Pennsylvania
Prairie Crossing Web Page

More Background information

Alternative State Approaches to Transportation/Land Use Interactions,
(a paper about state land use practices prepared for the Keep America Growing Conference, June, 1999)
Slides used for conference presentation of the above paper

Transportation and Land Use Course at the Univ of Virginia

Related Web pages

The following reports were prepared by class members in Spring 2000 and are available in the in Adobe PDF format. This requires an Acrobat reader

A Land Use - Transportation Primer Smitha Vijayan (1415 K)

Environmental Issues in Local Land Use DevelopmentWilliam Schlise (381 K)

Guidelines for Transportation Facilities in local land use Decisions Christine Rawson (558 K)

Context Sensitive Highway Design Malindi Neluheni (490 K)

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