Transportation Research Board

Transportation Education and Training Committee


Committee Millenium paper, (Adobe Acrobat format)

1999 Educational Forum Report, TRB circular 495

January, 2000 Committee meeting minutes

Adgenda for January 9, 2000, TRB Educational Forum on Transportation Education and Training: Innovative Tools for Identifying and Delivering Training for Transportation Practitioners

Conference Proceeding July 1999, "Educating the 21st Century Transportation Professional (Univ of Washington)

Transportation Engineering Lab Manual (Univ of Idaho)

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TRB meeting Web page

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UWM transp center links to good transportation sites

University Transportation Home pages (From Princeton list)

Civil Engineering Online Resource Library from Georgia Tech

Transportation Libraries and On-Line reference sources

TRIS On-line

National Transportation Library (BTS)

Northwestern University Transportation Library

Harmer E, Davis Transportation Library of the Univ of California

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