Committee on Transportation Education and Training (A1A04)

2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 11, 2000

State Room ­ Hilton Washington Hotel

1. Attendance. The meeting was attended by 36 people (16 members, 20 friends).

See attached attendance list.

2. Agenda (attached)

3. General items for the record.

2nd Annual Transportation Education Forum: The Chairman announced that the daylong workshop had attracted 125 participants.

Session 327: The Chairman urged attendance at the Committee-sponsored session on "Meeting Customer Needs for Just-in-Time Training: Web-based Training."

4. Committee Program

Invited Speakers - John Collura of Virginia Tech spoke briefly on the outcome of the Committee's first annual Transportation Education Forum "Responding to the Changing Needs of the Profession" which addressed changing curriculum needs. The proceedings of that Forum were published as Transportation Research Circular No. 495, copies of which were distributed to attendees. The work of that Forum was continued at a curriculum development workshop held in conjunction with the summer meeting of the Council of University Transportation Centers.

Nancy Nihan of the University of Washington described the successful workshop entitled "Educating the 21st Century Transportation Professional." The Committee had previously endorsed this workshop as an extension of the work of the first annual Forum. The Proceedings of this event are available on the Web at http://depts.washington.edu/transnow.

(b) Papers: Dr. Henk van Zuylen, from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, presented his peer-reviewed paper entitled "Multidisciplinarity in Transport Research and Education." Copies of the paper were available for attendees.

5. Committee Business

(a) Subcommittee Reports - None

(b) Activities or Accomplishments since last meeting:

2nd Annual Forum on Transportation Education and Training: The second annual workshop was held on Sunday, January 9 and was generally considered to have been a success. More than 120 people from four continents participated in the daylong event. The results of the workshop will be published as a TRB Circular. The Chairman led a critique of the program with a view toward implementing desirable changes in next year's event.

A1A04 Committee Home Page: A Committee home page has been built at index.. Those with ideas or suggested links should contact Ed Beimborn at beimborn@uwm.edu.

Conference Session on Transportation Ethics: The Committee sponsored Session 231 on the topic "Ethical Issues in Transportation: A Serious Problem?" Joseph Szyliowicz moderated a distinguished panel of speakers who prompted a lively discussion of issue. More than eighty people attended the session and several recommended that the topic be addresses in subsequent sessions.

Millennium Report on Transportation Education: The Committee's paper, entitled "Transportation Education in the New Millennium," was well received and was included in the CD that was given to each registrant.

Future plans and assignments. The Committee agreed to select topics for future sessions, papers, and the annual Forum on the basis of brief proposals drafted for that purpose. Each of the lead individuals identified below will prepare by Feb. 15, 2000, a short draft that can be disseminated to the full committee by e-mail.

Theme: Workforce Development; performance measures for transportation education; measuring the yield from investments in transportation education and training.

Lead: Joe Toole, USDOT /FHWA

Theme: International Education and Training

Lead: Jon Helmick, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Theme: Transportation education beyond engineering ­ What else is being taught?

Lead: Bill DeWitt, University of Maryland

Theme: Transportation ethics.

Lead: Joe Szyliowicz, University of Denver

Theme: Success stories on increasing diversity in transportation education programs:

What works?

Lead: Ed Beimborn, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Theme: Demonstrating a range of training tools.

Lead: Pat Lees, Nichols Consulting Engineers

Summer Meeting. The committee declined to schedule a summer meeting, preferring to defer that decision pending a determination of need.

Triennial Evaluation. The Chairman agreed to take a first cut at the required submission.

6. Other business. The Chairman noted that the Committee's work could benefit from the involvement of members from the private sector and invited the members to suggest possible candidates for membership from that part of the transportation community.




Committee Members

Section Chair: Sheldon Edner

Group Council Chair: Arlene Dietz

TRB Staff: Jon Williams