Title: Noise Barrier Design Guidelines<

Date: July 1990

Authors: Julie Farnham and Ed Beimborn

Availability: Available from the U. S. Department of Transportation, Office of Technical Assistance and Safety, 400 Seventh Street S.W., Washington, DC 20590, report no. DOT-T-90-15. and from the University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee Center for Urban Transportation Studies, P. O. Box 784, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0784, (414) 229-5787.

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Part 1: Table of Contents, Introduction and Background

Part 2: Noise Barrier Design Principles

Part 3: Design Prototypes

Part 4: Conclusions, References and Appendicies

Related Articles: "Techniques for Aesthetic Design of Freeway Noise Barriers" TRB Record 1312, p 119-129


The purpose of this report is to provide guidelines and suggestions for the improved design of freeway noise barriers in the Milwaukee region and elsewhere in the State of Wisconsin. The guidelines have been developed to encourage an attractive and efficient system of noise control and to achieve design continuity throughout the area. The report illustrates how inventories of the technical, cultural and natural landscape can be used in design. A variety of techniques of wall shape and texture and landscaping application are provided which can be adapted to specific environments. The desired approach views the wall and landscape as an integrated system that should be designed to reflect and enhance the surrounding community. Diversity in design of both the wall and landscaping should be sought and systems should be designed to reflect the historic/ethnic heritage of the neighborhoods. A broad range of options should be provided which can creatively enhance the environment that is seen as well as heard along freeways. The concepts developed in the study are illustrated through several prototype designs.

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