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Research Summaries:

·         Land Use

·         Transit

·         Travel Forecasting

·         Other topics

·         ITS Projects

Land Use Projects:

·  NEW

·  NEWRealtionships between Land Use Patterns and Road Widening (2.2 mb)

·  Land Use and Transportation, A White paper prepared for the Arizona Department of Transpotation

·  Smart Growth Transportation, A presentation to the Wisconsin ITE Traffic Engineering Workshop

·  A Land Use - Transportation Primer Smitha Vijayan (1415 K)

·  Power Point presentation of the Land Use - Transportation Primer

·  Environmental Issues in Local Land Use DevelopmentWilliam Schlise (381 K)

·  Transportation and Aesthetics: Context Sensitive Design Malindi Neluheni (480 K)

·  Transportation Guidelines for Local Land Use Decisions Christine Rawson (1080 K)

An Overview: Land Use and Economic Development in Statewide Transportation Planning FHWA Report

·  Implications of Automated Highways on Land Use Patterns Transit Based Land Use design (Now includes full report as pdf file)

·  Transit Sensitive Land Use Design Guidelines

·  Implementation Strategies for Transit Based Land Use design

Transit Projects

·  NEWBasic course material in Public Transit

·  NEWAn Examination of the process of innovation at transit systems: (trb paper for January 06 meeting)

·  NEWInnovations in Transit Systems - full report

·  NEWHighways and Transit: Leveling the Playing Field in Federal Transportation Policy

·  NEWInnovations in Transit web page

·  Impact of Accessibility, Connetivity and Mode Captivity on Transit Choice - Full Report

·  Transit Accessibility, Connectivity and Captivity: Impacts on Transit Choice - TRB Record 1835 (shortened) Version

·  Power point slides for " Accessibility, Connectivity and Captivity: Impacts on Transit Choice"

·  Waukesha Trip Planner

·  User Assessment of The Benefits of Automatic Vehicle Location Systems

·  Power Point Presentation of papaer: User Assessment of The Benefits of Automatic Vehicle Location Systems

·  Evaluation of the Benefits of Automated VEhicle Location Systems for Small and Medium Sized Transit Agencies (Adobe Acrobat file, 154K) , (paper from 1999 TRB meeting)

·  Full version of the AVL Benefits report(Adobe Acrobat file, 360K)

·  Appendix A of the AVL Benefits report - AVL State of the Art(Adobe Acrobat file, 393K)

·  Measurement of Transit Benefits

·  A full graphics version of the Benefits Report is availible at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (5.8mb as an acrobat document)

·  A text version of the Benefits Report is also available at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (500k + figures as gifs)

·  Windows version of CAI Fundamentals of transit course

·  Design of Transit Facilities

·  Executive Summary Evaluation of an Innovative Transit Pass (UPASS) Program

·  Usage, Impacts and Transferability of an Innovative Pass Program (TRB paper for 1998 meeting

·  ·  Power Point presentation about UPASS used by Chicago Transit Authority (TRB

Travel Forecasting

·  A Transportation Modeling Primer

·  Inside the Black Box, making travel models work for livable communities (includes the primer above and additional information) 7.9 mb in size!

·  A Critical Review of Statewide Travel Forecasting Practice (Adobe Acrobat file, 77K) , (paper from 1999 TRB meeting)

·  Through Trip Tables for Small Urban Areas (Adobe Acrobat file, 117K) , (paper from 1999 TRB meeting)

·  A GNE/QRSII Primer - Overview

·  Updated... A GNE/QRSII Primer - Part 1

·  Guidebook on Statewide Travel Forecasting

·  Quick Response Freight Manual

·  Delay Volume Relations for Travel Forecasting

·  FHWA's Model Calibration Manual

Other topics

·  NEWSensitivity Analysis of Factors Affecting Road Widneing Tresholds, Paper for National ITE meeting, August, 2006

·  Transportation Energy: Demand, Supply and the Future, Paper for ITE Disrtict IV meeting, June, 2005

·  Engineer in Residence: A Strategy for Increasing Relevancy in Transportation Education

·  Fundamentals of Technology Transfer

·  Methods to Estimate Capacity and Delay at Roundabouts for use in Travel ForecastingAdobe Acrobat, 236K

·  WDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems Design Manual

·  WDOT Traffic Incident Management Enhancement(TIME)Program Manual

·  Internet GIS and its Applications in Transportation

·  Design of Freeway Noise Barriers

·  Evaluation of Intermodal Transfer Facilities

·  Survey of Motorist Attitudes Towards a Proposed Highway Project

·  How to Conduct a Focus Group

·  Use of an Alternative Futures Approach for Transportation Planning

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