Odd Traffic Signs

Sometimes traffic signs have peculiar messages or symbols. They may be understood by people who live there, but to outsiders they are confusing or just "odd". Here is a collection of some.

If you have any signs that you want to add, these should be actual signs, not hand written or business signs email them to: cuts@uwm.edu

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Some recent pictures (2015) from Eastern Europe

Mexico, USA, Iceland

From Panama, Mexico Hannah Bement, Edward Beimborn photos

From France and Italy, Dave Eitel and Edward Beimborn photos

From Canada, Florida Ohio and Minnesota, Don and Edward Beimborn photos

More new stuff, thanks to all who contributed


These were taken in Great Britain, photos by Dan and Edward Beimborn


From Australia, photos by E. Beimborn


More from England, photos by E. Beimborn


From Ecuador, Peru photos by Don and Edward Beimborn

USA signs

From Elsewhere

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