TRB Transit Planning and Development Committee


Mission Statement:


The Committee has adopted the following Mission Statement to guide its overall work program within the structure of the Transportation Research Board:


To examine, discuss and disseminate public transportation ideas and issues from planning, development, operational and project implementation perspectives.




The Committee will strive to accomplish the following goals to fulfill the adopted Mission Statement:


Foster topics for future research, promote widespread dissemination of findings and recommendations, with operational applications where possible;


Identify, articulate, and stimulate follow-up activities on emerging trends, new ideas and innovations;


Assist in defining public transportation’s roles, contribution and future direction within the overall fields of community development, transportation and infrastructure systems;


Coordinate and partner with other TRB committees, organizations and governmental entities (both nationally and internationally) to accomplish the Committee’s overall mission;


Promote fellowship and mentoring among the Committee’s Members and Friends through research, conferences, newsletters and web site information.