Committee on Public Transportation Planning and Development (A1E02)

Agenda for Meeting of January 9, 2001

8:00 A. M., Exhibit Hall, Washington Hilton


1.         Introductions and Agenda Review

2.         Minutes of 2000 meeting

3.                  Report on TRB, Group 1 activities

4.                  Report on Section A activities

5.                  Report on TCRP activities

6.         Subcommittee Reports

            a.         Paper Reviews

            b.         Status of Newsline

            c.         Strategic Planning

            d.         Membership

7.         New Business

a.         ITS in Transportation Planning: report on Special Meeting Sunday 1/7 and on NCHRP Project 8-35   [Jim Bunch]

b.         Briefing on Committee A5017 (Library and Information Science for Transportation -- LIST)   [Jim Olivetti]

c.         Committee Scope and Triennial Self Evaluation

d.         BRT Conference Participation (Pittsburgh; August 12-14, 2001)

e.         Call for Papers?

            f.          Other Items?