Committee on Public Transportation Planning and Development (A1E02)


Minutes for Meeting of January 14, 2002




1.      The meeting was opened at 7:30 p.m. with introductions of those present.  Larry Sauve and Neal Denno notified the chair that they could not attend the meeting this year.  Minutes of the 2001 meeting were approved.

2.    Report of TCRP activities:  Diane Sweiger of TCRP gave an overview of TCRP activities.  They are currently looking for research ideas and panel members.  These can be submitted electronically.

Some funding will be used to work on security and safety issues in this budget year.  Information on the program and copies of reports are available on the Internet was well as in hard copy format.

3.    INFOStructure Program:  Michael Freitas of FHWA reported that they will be leading an effort to improve highway and transit information systems as part of the TEA-21 reauthorization.  This would include state level reporting and response systems, metropolitan area monitoring of freeway systems, monitoring of key infrastructure facilities (to be defined), and funding of local systems.  The system would be used for security management, congestion management, weather response and traveler information.

4.    TRB Report:  Peter Shaw reported that TRB attendance has been good this year in spite of past events.  The mail services in and out of Washington have been barely working since October and TRB has needed to rely on electronic means of communication.  TRB will co-sponsor a transit conference with ASCE this spring in Alexandria, VA.

5.      Chair Report:  The committee sponsored two sessions this year as well as some poster sessions.  The committee triennial self-evaluation was completed this spring and has been approved by TRB.  Dave Miller has been appointed as chair for another three years.

6.      Paper Reviews:  The committee received 20 papers for review; eight were rejected and seven have been recommended for publication.  Two were submitted for presentation only.  Decisions on the remaining three papers will be made following the TRB meeting.  There was difficulty in finding enough reviewers for all the papers.  Committee members were urged to provide TRB with up-to-date e-mail addresses for the electronic process.  The paper review process was almost completely done electronically. 

7a. Future Directions:  A discussion was held on future directions for the committee.  It is a good time to think about where the committee might be going in the future.  The committee seems to be a place where crosscutting topics are dealt with as well as emerging issues.  The committee has submitted some research ideas in the past.  Some topics for further committee directions were planning processes for the reauthorization, planning in an era of earmarking, operations planning input into the new starts process, public transit planning and development, international perspectives in transit planning, planning for system congestion and rehabilitation, core capacity issues, transit’s role in added emphasis on operations in the highway area.


7b. Strategic Plans Member Survey:  Rich Bickel proposed a survey of committee members this spring.  Patti Post and Tara Bartee will work with Rich to summarize the survey and update the committee’s strategic plan.  They will also ask Glen Lunden if he could help, as well.

7c. Membership:  the committee has slots available and is going through rotation.  The chair asked Jim Bunch, Tara Bartee, Jim Gillespie and Sally Cooper to serve as a membership committee and come up with new candidates for the committee.


8.   New Business

a)      Rich Bickel distributed a proposed statement for a TCRP synthesis topic on environmental justice.  The committee supported the topic.

b)      Status of Newsline:  The committee has not found a replacement for George Smerk for Newsline.  Anyone interested should contact the Chair.

c)      Calls for Papers:  Don Emersen will prepare a call for papers about core capacity; Ed Beimborn and Francis Cheung will do one on Good Practices in Transit Planning:  An International Perspective.


9.   The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m..