Understanding Transit:

Basic course material on Public Transportation

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Center for Urban Transportation Studies

The objective of this project is to disseminate educational materials about public transit that can be used at the university level for courses in transportation planning, engineering and management.

Course learning objectives and outline



Consolidated files of each of the major sections

Background Information

Transit Planning Major Investments and New Starts

Analysis procedures for Major Investments and New Starts

Transit Planning for Operations

Transit Route Location and Analysis

Analysis Procedures for Transit Operations

Project: The Belle Crisis

Useful Web sites

Univ of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Center for Urban Transportation Studies (CUTS) links to transit web sites

Federal Transit Administration

Transit Cooperative Research Program

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Some of this material was developed as part of work being conducted by the Great Cities University consortium under the lead of the University of Alabama at Birmingham using funds provided by the Federal Transit Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The opinions expressed are the product of independent university work and not necessarily those of the sponsoring agencies or of the agencies supplying data for the project. The material is copyright by Edward Beimborn.

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