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This website is a resource for designers, providers, and others to inform the creation of supportive environments for people with dementia. Dementia Design Info summarizes the environment-aging literature, puts it into easy to understand terms, and provides practical design suggestions.

A searchable database which summarizes the dementia design literature

Search by:
  • Space (bedroom, bathing area, etc.) and/or
  • User need (privacy, safety, etc.) and/or
  • Environmental scale (building layout, design details, etc.)

Search results link specific environmental characteristics or features with behavioral, experiential and/or organizational outcomes. Outcomes are validated by research, reflect expert consensus or are recognized as best practices.

Selected design for dementia literature is comprehensive, but not exhaustive. Only studies that included an implied outcome specific to an environmental feature were incorporated.

Integrating research outcomes into the design process does not guarantee success; therefore, all outcomes are written as possibilities. Actual outcomes will depend upon a multitude of contextual factors.

Integrative White Paper Resources

Nine white papers summarize key design features and findings around specific topics and include expert opinions for creating successful dementia care settings.

  • Provide design guidance were research is lacking
  • Organize the information based upon key decisions typically made when creating or renovating the physical environment
  • Topics:
    1. History of Creating Settings for People with Dementia
    2. Care Setting Configuration and Size
    3. Outdoor Spaces
    4. Living Rooms and Social Spaces
    5. Kitchen Design
    6. Dining Room Design
    7. Bathing Room Design
    8. Bedroom Design
    9. Toilet Room Design


This website is dedicated to M. Powell Lawton. It was his vision and dedication to improving environments for people with dementia that gave this project its start.

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