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Jonathan Kanter, Ph.D.
CABHR scientist and associate professor, psychology

Jonathan Kanter Dr. Kanter is associate professor in the department of psychology, director of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Depression Treatment Specialty Clinic, coordinator of the UW–Milwaukee Psychology Clinic, and a
scientist with CABHR. He is broadly interested in the psychopathology and treatment of depression, with a focus on behavioral or behavior-analytic models.

He currently researches the psychopathology of depression, stigmatizing attitudes about depression, mechanisms of action in psychotherapy for depression, behavioral activation, and functional analytic psychotherapy. His research emphasizes depressed individuals who have not been studied in previous depression research, such as ethnic minorities, and people who have been shown to do poorly with existing treatments, such as individuals with personality disorders. Dr. Kanter holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Washington.

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