UWM student tracks down missing photograph of Vietnam War soldier

UWM journalism, advertising, & media studies major Maggie Wuesthoff tracked down photographs of Donald Voltner, a 20-year-old soldier who was killed during the Vietnam War. Wuesthoff and her class are gathering the remaining missing pictures of Wisconsin service men killed in the Vietnam War to be included in a virtual wall of faces and eventually put on display near the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. Learn more about the project: http://www5.uwm.edu/news/2015/05/17/they-were-my-age-journalism-students-research-lives-unearth-photos-of-vietnam-vets/


Countdown to UWM Graduation!

With graduation just days away, 3,500 UWM students get ready to receive their diploma!


Kaivahn Sarkaratpour: A life of helping others

Four years ago, Kaivahn Sarkaratpour passed a group of children in his UWM residence hall. After finding out they were on campus for tutoring, he knew he wanted to help. Today, the Peck School of the Arts senior continues to work with the students from Our Next Generation as he explores how he'll use his design skills to help others in the community.


UWM: Vital to the Future

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee makes a $1.5 billion-plus economic impact on the state, with more than 118,000 UWM graduates living and working in Wisconsin. In this video, hear from five of Milwaukee’s top voices about why UWM is vital to the city driving Wisconsin’s economy. #uwmvital


IAMUWM: Rebecca Simpson

Every year, UWM students donate $200,000+ in volunteer hours. Meet up with a group painting murals at Washington High School as part of the MLK Day of Service.


IAMUWM: Sandra Alvarez

With her mother's encouragement, Sandra Alvarez attended UWM's pre-college programs as a high school freshman. This helped guide Sandra, not only as a UWM student, but as a first-generation college student.


IAMUWM: Ciera Lewis

Not only did Ciera Lewis find a passion for psychology while in high school, her mother's own disorder motivated the first-generation UWM Honors College student to find out how she could help.


A different approach to architecture

To succeed in the rigorous School of Architecture & Urban Planning, Jonathan Heider focuses on the U.S. Paralympic swim team motto: "Podium pain." He says all the stress and long hours are worth it in the end. In this way, Heider's outlook is like that of any other UWM architecture student. Never mind that he's a quad amputee. More: http://www5.uwm.edu/news/?p=16998


IAMUWM: Tou Jim Lee

Tou Jim Lee is a first-generation college student studying marketing at UWM's Lubar School of Business. When he's not hitting the books, you can find him helping out one of the many organizations he's involved in on campus.


Baby-stepping toward physical therapy options

Director of UWM Pediatric Neuromotor Laboratory Victoria Moerchen is researching ways to enhance physical activity in infants with challenges in developing motor skills. In reviewing tapes of a child and her parents working together to learn infant treadmill stepping, Moerchen noticed that as the parents relaxed and began playfully interacting with the child, the baby’s stepping increased.


IAMUWM: Felicia Mondragon

UWM online student Felicia Mondragon enjoys the freedom and convenience of classes without the hour-long commute from her home in Fond du Lac.


IAMUWM: Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan returned to college to finish her degree in 2011. She chose an online Psychology degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee because it allowed her to juggle her family and work responsibilities and still make good progress towards her degree.


IAMUWM: James MacGillis

As a UWM online student, Lt. James MacGillis applies the material he learns in class to his full-time job as the program manager for the Milwaukee Police Academy.


BB: Date with the Desert - Arizona Baseball Trip

The Black and Gold Network went along with Panther Baseball on its trip to Arizona to face the Brewers. We captured the behind-the-scenes sights and sounds of the two-day experience at Maryvale Baseball Park. Music by: www.bensound.com


MadeinMKE: Answers to Climate Change Questions

UW-Milwaukee scientists are the only researchers on Earth aggressively studying how lianas (big, woody vines) choke the carbon out of our tropical forests. Learn more: http://uwm.edu/researchreport/science/rainforest/


IAMUWM: Amin Mojtahedi

UWM architecture and social learning Ph.D. student Amin Majtahedi teamed up with his wife and UWM electrical engineering Ph.D. student Tahereh Hosseini to cofound AIM (Architectural Information Modeling). The UWM Student Startup Challenge winners use a sensor network to map out a building looking at how people interact with their environments.


IAMUWM: Brent Aussprung

Former U.S. national speed skating team member, UWM engineering student and Student Startup Challenge winner Brent Aussprung developed a new skate to make speed skaters even faster on the ice! He's combining the traditional speed skate with the modern clap skate. At the start of a race skaters will take advantage of the traditional rigid skate then transition to a clap skate for improved speed and stability. Aussprung's goal is to have the skates on the ice in the 2018 Winter Olympic games.


MadeinMKE: New Hands for Kids

UW-Milwaukee art and design professors are leading the open-sourced movement to give hands to kids who need them. Learn more: http://uwm.edu/researchreport/ideas/3d-printed-prosthetics/


IAMUWM: Sylvia Wilson

Husband and wife team, Sylvia and Thomas Wilson, are using their life experiences and UWM's Student Startup Challenge to develop a youth-focused career development organization called MKE Grind. It includes a website designed to empower young people to be successful in their futures.


Hear Milwaukee's native language

UWM student Bryce Stevenson demonstrates the ancient Anishinaabe language that gave Milwaukee its name. Four full-credit university courses are being offered in Anishinaabe at UWM. For Stevenson, the language is a way to reconnect with his heritage as a member of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. More: http://go.uwm.edu/1vUIQH9


MadeinMKE: Musical Results for Dementia Patients

UW-Milwaukee researchers tackle the first official, in-depth study of the beloved Music & Memory program. Can music reduce the need for medications among Alzheimer's patients? Learn more: http://uwm.edu/researchreport/ideas/music-therapy/


UWM Chancellor’s Tournament of Champions

During UWM Geek Week, teams of students, faculty and staff played trivia and competed for the chance to take on UWM Chancellor Mark Mone in the final trivia challenge. Watch as the final team faces off against the Chancellor - who will be the victor of this tournament of champions?


UWM Spotlight on Excellence: Rainforest Research

Bags packed. Parkas? Forget them. Bug spray, bandanas and hiking boots? Check. UWM students trade Milwaukee’s below-zero winter temperatures for 90 F and 90 percent humidity in the rainforests of Panama – trekking miles each day seeking answers to questions about global climate change. A team of doctoral, master’s and undergraduate students meet up with Stefan Schnitzer, world-renowned UWM professor of ecology, at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in the middle of the Panama Canal. Together, they’re the only researchers on Earth aggressively studying how lianas (big, woody vines) choke the carbon out of tropical forests. In this video, join Schnitzer’s UWM team deep in the jungles of Panama. Not even howler monkeys, army ants or scorpions get in the way of this revolutionary research.


Presidents' Day 2015

UWM's Peck School of the Arts wishes you a Happy Presidents' Day! \\//\\// arts education today fuels the leaders of tomorrow //\\//\\


MBB: Panthers' Thunderous Slams vs Oakland

A look at the thunderous slams the Panthers' put down against the Oakland Golden Grizzlies. #SCTop10


IAMUWM: David DeFilippis

UWM senior David DeFilippis spends months in Panama bringing biology research into the 21st century. The work he's doing could help answer some big questions about global climate change.


IAMUWM: Angelica Sanchez

Angelica Sanchez found her passion for working with and educating the community on environmental issues during her UWM undergraduate research on soil productivity in Kenya.


IAMUWM: Dakotasky Bowen

Inspired by Gustave Dore’s illustrations in “London A Pilgrimage,” Dakotasky Bowen traveled to London to study Dore’s work and explore her own artistry.


UWM student is finalist in MetOpera competition

A senior studying vocal performance at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York after winning the opera company’s National Council Auditions in St. Paul, Minn. Kathryn Henry, 21, is one of about 20 singers from a field of more than 1,500 to make it through local and regional contests. She will receive an all-expenses paid trip to New York to train with Metropolitan Opera staff before the March 15 semifinals. If she makes it to finals, she will perform on March 22. Follow Kathryn’s progress at @UWMPSOA.


School Day with the Panthers

More than 2,500 local students cheered the Milwaukee Panthers women’s basketball team to a come-from-behind victory Friday afternoon. Students from 17 Milwaukee-area grade schools visited the Klotsche Center for a taste of the college experience. Popular pre-game festivities included beanbags, sign making, bike safety demos, a climb-in kayak, mini rope agility course and more – all hosted by UWM. The Panthers put together a late 14-3 run late to defeat the Oakland University Golden Grizzlies. Go Panthers!