University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Campus Assessment, Response, and Education Team

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) cares about our students, faculty and staff.  UWM has created a team of qualified and dedicated professionals from across campus that are committed to creating a caring environment where individuals are free to learn, teach and work without fear of threats of intimidation or exposure to potentially harmful/disruptive situations.  The CARE Team was developed to centralize the reporting, assessment, and management of disruptive and/or distressing incidents at the University.  The team deals with anyone (student, employee, non-affiliated persons) who may pose a threat or concern to the UWM Community. 

This mission of the team is to provide a timely response to individual behavior deemed disruptive or at-risk to themselves or others and determine the most appropriate steps to and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the individual and members of the UWM community.  An incident, in this context, is an event that raises concerns but is not an emergency that warrants immediate intervention.  CARE is not an emergency response team, behaviors that require immediate attention is handled by UWM Police. If this is an emergency or you need immediate assistance, call 9-911 from a campus phone and 414-229-4632 from a cell phone.

The CARE Team acts in a proactive manner to identify, assess, manage, reduce and educate the campus community as to the risk of potentially harmful or threatening behavior.  CARE does not replace other classroom management responsibilities, supervisory workplace duties, or disciplinary processes, it supplements those efforts.