University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team supports student retention and a healthy campus community by identifying students in distress and coordinating appropriate interventions. Concerns reported to the team include:

  • Homelessness, food insecurity, financial troubles, severe illness, medical emergencies
  • Signs of substance abuse, weight change, poor hygiene, sleeping in class, cuts or bruises
  • Change in behavior, quality of assignments, participation, and attendance
  • Disruption,outbursts, aggression
  • Strange communication patterns, paranoia, emotional disconnection
  • Crying,depression, suicide ideation

If you are concerned about a student:

Talk to the student - if possible after class or in an office. 

  • Genuinely listen.
  • Acknowledge the student's concerns and avoid judgment. 
  • Set limits and expectations, be firm.
  • Ask the student questions to assess their intentions.

- What have you thought about doing?

- How are you working through ________ ?

- What resources/friends/organizations have you utilized for support?

You may tell students that you will respect their privacy (FERPA); however, do not promise confidentiality (threats to self and others, and abuse must be reported)


Connect the student to resources

Emergencies: contact UWM PD at 9-911 from a campus phone, 414-229-9911 from a cell phone

Counseling and Consultation: walk students to Norris Health Center or call x4716

Consultation and reporting: contact the Dean of Students Office at x4632 or

Community resources Call 211 for Impact (or you can call 1-866-211-3380) to access information about area resources or help with a variety of basic life needs.


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