University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Graduate Project Assistantships, 2014-2015

The Division of Student Affairs is partnering with the School of Education to hire Graduate Project Assistants.  These Assistantships are designed to prepare graduate students for professional positions in Higher Education.  Graduate Project Assistants who work at least 50% time will receive tuition remission and a salary. 

Graduate Assistantships

Hourly Positions (non-assistantships)

The Division of Student Affairs also employs a large number of students in hourly positions.  The following positions have experience comparable to the assistantships, however, they do not include tuition remission. 

How to Apply

For full consideration, submit all appllication materials by March 7,2014.
Application Materials:
  1. Resume (maximum length: 2 pages)
  2. Personal Statement (maximum length: 2 pages)  Use 12 point, Times New Roman font with double-spacing and 1-inch margins.  Please tell us about yourself, highlighting your life and collegiate experiences.  Be sure to speak about your career goals and how you will be a good fit for a graduate project assistantship at UWM in the Division of Student Affairs.  For each position that interests you, address what about the position appeals to you and what unique contribution(s) you bring.  
  3. Preference Sheet
  4. Three professional references  All references must be from recent supervisors or faculty members.  Please do not submit more than three.  If you are considered for a position, your references will be contacted.  Please check out this Reference Resource for tips on selecting reference.
Please ensure that you NAME is written on ALL MATERIALS and submit all of your materials at the same time by March 7, 2014.

Submit materials electronically, in one email, to or to

If you would like more information about the selection process, please contact:
Robert Longwell-Grice, School of Education, at 414-229-3059 or
Rebecca Freer, Division of Student Affairs, at 414-229-4632 or

Please visit the Graduate School or the School of Education for more information about our degree programs.  Additional benefits information may be found on the UWM assistantship page.