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Dear Students:

Many of you have heard me talk about “What it means to be a Proud Panther” and how important it is that we respect, value, and watch out for all within our campus community, while being safe and respectful out in the community.


Identifying ways to be safe while out and about, choosing whether or not to use alcohol responsibly, and keeping your belongings secure are part of your campus experience. Learning about safe party tips should also be a part of your routine if you choose to visit off campus parties. Remember to hang out with friends you know and trust, only go to parties or events where you know one of the hosts, and be sure that you only consume beverages that you have brought with you and have kept in your possession the entire time of the party. Also, “Never Leave a Panther Behind” and remain with someone if they are in distress as well as call 911 or 9911 (on campus) to seek assistance. Tips about safely socializing and responsible drinking can be found at


Many of you have found some of the recent speakers on the Plaza objectionable. As you know, one of our most valued and important rights in this country is that of free speech. However, anyone who speaks on the Plaza (along with other areas of campus) must adhere to policies and guidelines set forth by the university, including Chapters UWS 17 and 18 and the university’s protest policy ( If you choose to engage with a speaker, I encourage you to be civil. At no time is disruptive conduct, a physical confrontation, or violence acceptable. You may also find ways to appropriately express a counter opinion through an alternate speaker or other nondisruptive actions. It is also important to remember that there are guidelines that apply to any protest or assembly that occurs on campus. Some tips regarding these activities include: For all demonstrations, it is recommended that you notify the UWMPD in advance so that you are clear on the rules that apply to your activities and so that the UWMPD can adequately plan to keep you and others safe.No demonstrations may interfere with access to university buildings or disrupt or impair university sponsored or university authorized activities.

Groups may not disrupt another group which has reserved space, although you may engage with them through discourse. If you are engaged in protest-related activity in the City of Milwaukee (or other municipalities) you should familiarize yourself with its requirements regarding demonstrations. Anyone participating in a demonstration or protest should be mindful of police direction in order to be safe and not violate the law. I hope that all of our community members continue to express their voices and exercise their right to free speech in safe, civil and appropriate ways.


Living and traveling in the neighborhoods also requires you to be aware of how you are respecting others property and quality of life. I encourage you to remember the following when you are living in or visiting the areas surrounding the campus. Keep your noise level to a minimum. In many cases neighborhood residents (including many of your fellow UWM students) expect that music, etc. will not travel far especially after 9:30 p.m. Remember to dispose of litter in trash cans and not on someone’s property. If you are hosting a party, follow the responsible party guidelines which can be found at

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Dean of Students office at (414) 229-4632 or email, or the UWM Police Department at (414) 229-4627.