University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Reporting Incidents and Concerns

For emergencies or imminent threats, contact the UWM Police by calling 9-911 from a campus phone or 414-229-9911 from a cell phone.



The University strives to create a positive, safe, and healthy environment for all of its students, faculty, staff, and other members of the University community. The Dean of Students Office is here to support the UWM community and help members uphold and abide by the community standards established by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the UW-System.A comprehensive reporting system has been developed to help members share concerns regarding someone so an individual can get connected to the academic support, wellness, and/or assistance services they need. Members may also report incidents of misconduct or inappropriate behavior.

Non-emergency misconduct or concerns can be reported by completing on of the incident reports below or contacting the Dean of Students Office (DOS) at 229-4632 or

The CARE Network

The Dean of Students supports all campus community members through the operation of two campus committees: The Campus Assessment, Response, and Education Team (CARE) and the Student Support Team The CARE Team receives  reports and assesses the threatening behavior exhibited by individuals who may pose a risk to the UWM community. The Student Support Team helps identify students who appear to be in distress and provides supportive intervention and guidance. The CARE and Student Support Teams act proactively to identify, assess, manage, and reduce potentially harmful or threatening behavior.  To submit a report regarding harmful or concerning behavior, click on the link below.

Student Conduct 

The Wisconsin uniform student code of conduct also helps to identify the expectations of student members of the community.  The Dean of Students manages the process for violations of the student code of conduct and other applicable policies.  To Submit a report regarding student misconduct, choose one of the following:

The University strives to create a positive, safe, and healthy environment for all of its students.  If you have questions about how to report an incident, please contact contact the Dean of Students Office at 414-229-4632 or