University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Panther Planner & Student Handbook

The Panther Planner & Student Handbook is published once a year at the beginning of the Fall semester and provided free of charge to students. The handbook contains:

  • Schedule Planner

  • Class schedules

  • Student resources

  • Campus safety

  • Important phone numbers

  • Neighborhood services and restaurants

  • Campus maps

You can get a copy of the Panther Planner Student Handbook at the Dean of Students Office, 118 Mellencamp Hall in Late August each year.  University Housing students are given copies of the handbook in their rooms.

You can also view a PDF version of the 2015-2016 Student Handbook (does not contain the Schedule Planner section) portion by clicking the link below:

2015-2016 Student Handbook


2016-17 Student Planner/handbook

Due to printing costs, next year's student planner/handbook might be distributed online only.  If you have ideas to or suggestions regarding the planner please contact Tom McGinnity in the Dean of Students Office.