University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Student Life and Development

B.O.S.S. (Be On the Safe Side)

BOSS provides walking escorts and van transportation to UWM as a core component of UWM's commitment to Campus safety. Boss Functions to promote a safe environment for members of the UWM community to live, work, and study.

Inclusive Excellence Center (IEC)

The IEC is a campus office dedicated to recruitment, retention, and fostering an atmosphere in which students feel included, engaged, and connected.  The website is being developed, see for more information.

Center for Student Involvement (CSI)

CSI oversees registered student organizations at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee through administering campus policies and procedures, supervising university segregated fee expenditures, and providing organizations with guidance, support and training resources. The office is designed to meet the needs of individual students and over 290 student organizations. The Student Activities staff can directly assist you with:

  • Finding an organization or activity that fits your interests and experiences.
  • Helping organizations with funding questions.
  • Interpreting University regulations and policies.
  • Connecting to leadership activities and opportunities.
  • Event and programing advising.

Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research

Established in 2012, the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research moves UWM to the next level by improving the student civic and leadership experience through a holistic and seamless approach to community engagement. Overall, the Center will ensure greater impact and success in UWM fullfilling its civic mission and providing well-developed leaders for our communities. We encourage you to explore this page to learn more about our leadership development programs, volunteer programs, and academic service learning programs.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center

The mission of the LGBT Center at UWM is to connect with various student populations and the community at large by:

  • Embracing the Diversity of the UWM student Community.
  • Increasing the Awareness of LGBT issues on the UWM campus.
  • Providing a resource for students and community members wanting to learn about and advocate for LGBT issues.
  • Providing a safe-space for all LGBT students and their allies at UWM to give and recieve social and emotional support.
  • Fostering student leadership and personal, academic, and professional growth through collaborations on and off campus.

Women's Resource Center

The WRC enhances awareness and understanding at UWM of the diversity of women's lives and experiences, and the role gender plays in everyone's life. The UWM Women's Resource Center:

  • Helps students who face unwanted sex, sexual harassment and other difficult experiences.
  • Provides individual counseling services and hosts support groups.
  • Lends from a library of great resources for researching papers.
  • Provides gender-related programming that informs and entertains.
  • Gives students a quiet, safe place to relax and feel at home. Presents opportunities for men and women to get involved and make a difference.