University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Support & Advocacy

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers a number of resources to foster student success.  We encourage students to reach out seek the support from all members of the UWM community-including academic advisors, faculty members, and professional staff in the Division of Student Affairs. Additionally, each student has two deans, an academic dean and the dean of students.


Academic deans assist students with academic matters within the school or college including grievances about grades, faculty, or academic programs. Academic Deans are usually the last stop of an appeal or grievance when students have explored all other options with no resolution.

Before requesting the assistance of the dean, students are usually encouraged to talk to their instructors, advisors, or department chair (depending on the nature of the concern). Check out our grievance page to learn more about your school or college’s process.


The Dean of Students assists students with personal matters and serves as a resource for helping students navigate the University.

The Dean of Students Office provides:

  • support and advocacy for undergraduate, graduate & professional students
  • assistance in navigating university processes and procedures
  • consultation for students regarding how to file a grievance
  • referrals to on and off campus resources as appropriate
  • assistance in major personal or family emergencies
  • response to individual student crises and campus-wide emergencies
  • assistance to help students who face catastrophic medical emergencies continue at UWM
  • an appeal process for tuition charges that are believed to be incorrect
  • coordination of student employee grievances
  • disciplinary clearances for students applying to graduate & professional programs, military, and other agencies
  • validation of student domestic partnerships for usage of campus facilities
  • consultation for faculty, staff, and students who are concerned about a student
  • support in the event of a student's death.