University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Request for a Medical TuitionCredit


Students may request a medical tuition credit if they have experienced a severe medical issue during the semester that has significantly affected their ability to participate in courses, necessitating dropping their classes. Requests are considered case-by-case based on the unique circumstances of the student.

Situations eligible for credit include:

  • Extended illness or serious injury

  • Death in immediate family

  • Primary daily caregiver for a parent, child, or spouse as requested by a health care professional

Situations that are not eligible for a credit:

  • Death of extended family members

  • Assist in care of very ill family member

  • Medical situations one could be reasonably have anticipated and have taken more timely action

  • Medical situations that were known before the start of the semester

  • Medical situations for which the University could have provided accommodations

The Medical Tuition Credit is intended to be a last resort. Students should first talk to their instructors and/or academic advisor about classroom accommodations, requesting incompletes, and exploring other options before withdrawing from classes.

Sometimes withdrawing from classes can have unanticipated consequences. Thus, a decision to withdraw from the University for medical reasons should not be taken lightly. Students are encouraged to research and consider the impact a withdrawal could have on:

  • Assistantships, scholarships, grants, student teaching, internships, on-campus employment, etc.

  • Veterans benefits

  • Access to on-campus housing

  • Access Norris Health Center

  • Financial aid award packages, repayment of living expenses, and meeting SAPS requirements

  • Meeting academic degree time frame requirements

Students may be granted one medical tuition credit during their lifetime to be applied as a credit towards a future semester at UWM. This credit cannot be applied at any other institution or result in a refund of tuition and fees.

When requesting a Medical Tuition Credit, students should continue paying off all outstanding balances as shownon their PAWS accounts. The medical tuition credit only applies to balances related to tuition; it does not apply to housing, library fees, fines, and financial aid related living expenses that must be repaid to the University.  See financial aid rights and responsibilities.  If a medical tuition credit is granted, the credit will be applied to a future semester up to 5 years after the semester of withdrawal. Credits cannot be applied until all non-tuition related fees are paid in full.

Students must submit completed requests, including all supporting documentation, within 5 years of the semester for which a credit is requested (i.e. requests for the fall 2012 must be submitted no later than the fall 2017 semester). Unfortunately requests older than 5 years cannot be accommodated.

To request a medical tuition credit, students should contact the Dean of Students Office directly. We will provide students with instructions on how to complete a request. Additionally, students may contact the Dean of Students to consult about possible unanticipated consequences related to withdrawing from classes.