University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Tuition and Fee Appeals


All students are expected to thoroughly read the UWM financial policies including reviewing the registration calendar for information on the late registration fee period and understanding the fee assessments for dropping or withdrawing from classes.

These policies are guided by the UW-System Administrative Policy 805 (formerly F44) Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit Instruction. Refund policies related to dropping or withdrawing from courses are found under Section Attachment C "Payment and Refund Policy;" specifically, C4: Refunds/Withdrawals/Drops.

As governed by UW System policy, exceptions to any of the stated procedures, provisions, etc., due to unusual circumstances can be made by the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office must receive written documentation justifying exceptions; blanket exceptions are not authorized. Exceptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be granted in cases of:

  • University error

  • Circumstances beyond a student’s control

Unfortunately, tuition and fees cannot be adjusted for:

  • Financial hardship

  • Lack of awareness of policies, fee deadlines, etc.

  • Change of job, commitments, goals, etc.

  • Poor performance in courses

Students who believe they have an unusual circumstance, based on the above guidelines, may contact the Dean of Students Office to request an exception to the published fee policies. A case manager will start a case, gather information, and suggest supporting documents to gather to justify the request. In most cases the student will be scheduled for an appointment to discuss the circumstances warranting an exception.