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Safe Space Training, Part II: Ally Development

No registrations accepted. The date of this event has passed.

This event is open to: All Staff and students

Date: Tuesday, January 08, 2013
Time: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: Union 179

Ally Development is a professional development workshop that provides participants with the knowledge and skills to actively support and create a more inclusive campus climate for LGBT+ people. Ally Development is the second of two Safe Space trainings and builds on the foundational knowledge about LGBT+ communities and identities covered in Safe Space, Part I: LGBT 101. In this workshop participants will learn: a) What it means to be an ally b) How they can be an ally to LGBT+ campus community members and c) How everyone is impacted by privilege and systemic marginalization associated with sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. After completing Ally Development, participants will receive a Safe Space card to display in their office space. This card signals that they are a safe contact for LGBT+ students, faculty, staff, and allies to share fully of their identities and be appreciated for who they are. It also signals their ability to serve as a resource for LGBT+ campus community members and their allies.

For more information or to request special accommodations, contact: Brice Smith, 414-229-4116 .


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