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Reducing Stress Through Emotional Intelligence Advanced Session

No registrations accepted. The date of this event has passed.

Open only to: Academic Staff

Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2013
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Location: AUP 110

Presenter: Bob Weiss, RJ Weiss Consulting

How to Manage Strong Emotions and Stress in Our Work and Personal Lives This is an advanced level seminar of a popular program that was recently offered on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. This same seminar will also be held on Tuesday, October 15th. This session will provide a brief review of the original program and then drill down on how to handle strong emotions and stress involving challenging situations in our daily work and lives. Examples of situations came from suggestions of those who attended the first program. They include working with difficult people (of course, were all difficult at times, arent we?), as well as dealing with competing work demands and time pressures. The program will also present ideas for managing some of the stresses common in our family and personal lives. The session will also allow time for small group discussion about how to apply some of the principles presented in the seminar to manage strong emotions and stress involving other challenging situations in our lives. The program is presented by Bob Weiss, an executive coach and organizational consultant, who works on a national level with business, government and nonprofit organizations. You can learn more about the work that Bob does by visiting his website at

For more information or to request special accommodations, contact: Keith Kunkel, 229-3893 .


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