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Lab Mission:

The goal of this applied research facility is to scientifically quantify the operating performance of air compressors and other rotating machines (pumps, turbines, motors, etc.) when utilizing synthetic lubricants. Commercially available lubricants are being tested in an experimental setup that measures both the energy consumption and the operating conditions (e.g., temperature, pressure) of standard rotary air compressors. It is anticipated that employment of advanced synthetic lubricants will significantly reduce compressed air energy requirements as well as friction, vibration, noise, and surface fatigue when compared to conventional oils. Therefore, the utilization of synthetic lubricant technology in all air compressors and other rotating equipment may be economically justified.

The laboratory contains four 15 hp air compressors, a high speed PC-Data Acquisition and Control System (PC-DACS), two PC's and high sensitivity instrumentation (e.g., pressure sensors, thermistors, flow rate sensors).


Dr. John R. Reisel
Telephone: (414) 229-4671
e-mail: reisel@uwm.edu

Dr. Kevin J. Renken
Telephone: (414) 229-5755
e-mail: renken@uwm.edu


David Leckman
Telephone: (414)229-4816
e-mail: dleckman@uwm.edu


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Engineering and Mathematical Science (EMS) building, Room W390
3200 N. Cramer St.
Milwaukee, WI 53211

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