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Pettit National Ice Center Energy Analysis Project


The purpose of this project is to improve the energy efficiency of the Pettit National Ice Center (PNIC), an Olympic training facility in West Allis, WI. Currently, the facility has high energy costs. These costs are the result of inefficiently designed systems, when the building was originally constructed.

Utilizing the expertise of the individuals associated with the ECEL, we will propose energy saving enhancements to reduce the energy costs. Primarily, this will involve using the waste heat generated by the compressors in the refrigeration system in a different part of the facility (for example, for building heating purposes). The secondary focus of this project is to determine if on-site electricity generation is an economically viable alternative for the PNIC.

The link below will open the first progress report from this project.

November 2001 Progress Report

As part of this project, two design teams of undergraduate students were employed to work on aspects of this project. This was done by the students as their ME 496, Senior Design Project, projects. The final reports of these students can be found by following the links below. Note, the reports are in PDF format.

Waste Energy Student Final Report

Alternative Electricity Generation Student Final Report

PROJECT SPONSOR: State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration


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