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UITS is now offering a secure and affordable ePayment service that will allow you to verify online payments in real-time, centralize your order data and streamline your workflow.

What can ePayment do for you?
  • Keep customer data safe and secure (US Bank processes sensitive data such as credit card and bank account numbers)
  • Verify payments within minutes
  • Accept payment via Visa, MasterCard or check
  • Keep you free from annual or per-transaction fees (surcharges from customers' banks may still apply)
  • Automatically transfer funds to your account
  • Store all your order data in one centralized location
  • Generate real-time statistical reports quickly and easily
  • Export order data into your favorite analysis software
  • Allow you to process orders sent via mail
Getting started
If you are interested in learning more about ePayment, please contact the ePayment team.

We're pleased to offer you this new service and appreciate your feedback. Please let us know what you think.

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