ESL Staff Members

Program Administration

Heidi Vrankin Matera, Interim Director
M.A., Intercultural Management

Instructional Staff

All teaching staff of the ESL Intensive English Program are trained and experienced in teaching English as a Second Language to international students.

Nancy Barbieri, Senior Lecturer
M.A., English Language and Linguistics

Valerie Chamberlain, Senior Lecturer/Volunteer Coordinator
M.S., ESL/Foreign Language Education

Mari Chevako, Lecturer
M.A., M.F.A., Creative Writing

Eric Duwe, Lecturer

Rosemarie Feiza-Lenz, Senior Lecturer
M.A., English as a Second Language

Joy Foster-Steckler, Lecturer/Student Services Coordinator
M.A, TESOL; Wisconsin secondary school teaching in ESL; B.A. in Education

Gitte Frandsen, Lecturer
M.A. English Literature, ESL, and Comparative Religions

Abby Goelzer, Lecturer
M.A., Applied Linguistics, Graduate Certificate in TESOL

Brooke Haley, Senior Lecturer/ESL Writing Course Coordinator
M.A., Foreign Language and Literature, Applied Linguistics specialization

Kendra Heidkamp-Young, Associate Lecturer
M.A., Reading

Carol Lord, Senior Lecturer
M.A., English Language and Linguistics

Jennifer Mattson, Senior Lecturer
M.A., English Language and Linguistics

Jean Mileham, Senior Lecturer
M.A., Applied English Linguistics

Slobodan Mladenovic, Lecturer
M.S., Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in ESL, ESL Teaching Certification

Ellen Nuss, Lecturer/Dual Student Coordinator/Conversation Partner Coordinator

Katherine Riebe, Lecturer
M.A., Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Intercultural Studies

Rita Rutkowski Weber, Senior Lecturer
M.A.T., English as a Second Language/Spanish

Amy Shields, Senior Lecturer
M.S./M.A., English as a Second Language/Linguistics

Mark Sondrol, Senior Lecturer/MITAA & Spoken English Coordinator/Academic Coordinator
M.A., English Language and Linguistics

Allegra Troiano, Lecturer/Academic Coordinator

Office Staff

Christina Carroll, Financial Assistant
B.A., International Relations

Rebecca Christman,  Programs Assistant
M.F.A., Fine Arts

Lynn Washatko, Programs Assistant
B.A., History