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MJS editorial

John Pawasarat MJS guest editorials:

"Mass incarceration of black males must stop"
"The brutal facts: Too few jobs for too many job seekers"

4th and State

Lois Quinn talks with James Causey on Fourth and State about Wisconsin's epidemic rates of black male incarceration outside Milwaukee. (9 min. video, July 7, 2014)
James Causey, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

MJS Columnist James Causey has tackled issues related to Wisconsin's mass incarceration of black males, including lifetime Internet postings of criminal records, trauma among inmates and inner city youth, life sentences, unemployment, the need for more drug treatment options, housing segregation, addressing homicides, and a proposed minority impact bill.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

MJS reporter Gina Barton in 2014 identified 2,700 state prison inmates eligible for parole but remaining in custody. A January 2015 story examined the current DOC practice of re-incarcerating ex-offenders without convicting them of new crimes.

A 2004 series by Barton and Mary Zahn on "Locked In: The Price of Truth in Sentencing" had warned that Wisconsin's harsh sentencing laws would lead to state Department of Corrections costs exceeding the state's investment in its University of Wisconsin System -- a condition reached in Wisconsin in 2011.

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