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WUWM Project Milwaukee series

Employment and Training Institute research found that Wisconsin incarcerates a higher percentage of black males in state prisons and local jails than any other state in the U.S..

In response, WUWM Project Milwaukee developed a six month special series on "Black Men in Prison" examining the causes and consequences of Wisconsin's high rate of black male incarceration. See program listings below.

community forum

An extraordinary 2-hour community forum held in Milwaukee Library Centennial Hall, sponsored by WUWM and MPTV, explored solutions to Wisconsin's mass incarceration levels with over 400 religious leaders, parents of inmates, ex-offenders, students, community activists, and concerned residents. A longer audio of the forum is also posted.
BBC investigation

Franz Strasser of the BBC investigated Wisconsin's high incarceration rate for African Americans with interviews of Lois Quinn, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn, and Project Return staff. (5 min. video)

community forum

Community forum sponsored by MPTV and WUWM at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society and Museum: panelists Rev. Willie Brisco, Rev. Mark Evans, Torre Jackson, and E. Michael McCann said jobs are the number one issue. Rev. Brisco called Wisconsin's disproportionate incarceration of black males an "undeclared state of emergency." (1 hr. 30 min.)

Black Nouveau on MPTV

MPTV Black Nouveau special on solutions to black male incarceration (Program #2232). ¡Adelante! talks to Project Return staff and an ex-offender addressing challenges facing men on re-entry. See program listings below.
Forum photo MPTV Fourth Street Forum on "Black Men in Prison: Exploring the Crisis, Changing the Outcome." Denise Callaway of Milwaukee Public Schools moderated a panel discussion and community forum with LaToya Dennis of WUWM, Lois Quinn of UWM-ETI, and Clem Richardson of Project Return. (57 min. video)

Urban Milwaukee logo

Bruce Murphy of Urban Milwaukee on income inequality among working families in Milwaukee County and few minority workers employed by large Milwaukee area construction firms. Murphy called Wisconsin "no country for black men" when it comes to sentencing and drug enforcement.

photo of Pawasarat on WisconsinEye video

Steve Walters' WisconsinEye interview of Pawasarat on job training, prison diversion, and driver's license policies to address high rates of incarceration and job prospects for African American men from Milwaukee. (33 min. video)

James Causey, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel logo

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Columnist James Causey has tackled issues related to Wisconsin's mass incarceration of black males, including trauma among inmates and inner city youth, life sentences, unemployment, need for more drug treatment options, housing segregation, addressing homicides, and a proposed minority impact bill. See partial listing of articles below.

John Pawasarat guest editorial on "Mass incarceration of black males must stop"

Lois Quinn talks with James Causey about Wisconsin rates of black male incarceration outside Milwaukee

Our Issues broadcast

Andrea Williams, executive producer of Our Issues Milwaukee on MVTV CW18 and My24, addressed mass incarceration in Milwaukee and Wisconsin (part 1 - 17 min.) and needs of ex-offenders after release (part 2 - 11 min.).

Cheryl Corley

Gene Demby

Cheryl Corley of National Public Radio interviewed John Pawasarat, District Attorney John Chisholm, a spokesperson for churches allied to reduce Wisconsin incarceration levels, and Milwaukee ex-offenders in her exploration of why Wisconsin's black male prison rates are so far above other states. (5 min. audio)

Gene Demby of NPR highlighted key issues.

NPR "Tell Me More" interview with Lena Taylor discussed "ground zero" zipcode 53206. Marc Mauer talked about disproportionate drug law arrest and sentencing policies (11 min. audio)

WPR Kathleen Dunn Show

The Kathleen Dunn Show on Wisconsin Public Radio with Pawasarat and Rev. Willie Briscoe talking about labor force needs of ex-offenders and community alternatives to incarceration. (1 hr. audio)

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

Special reports by Rick Brown of Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service: on driver's license barriers to employment related to "Mounting fines for minor infractions hit low-income drivers hardest" and on "Non-driving offenses lead to license suspension for teens"

A Milwaukee NNS report by Karen Stokes on neighborhood-based solutions: "Activist says 'we got this' when it comes to keeping black youth busy and safe"

53206 explains

A St. Louis college student's take on "how one Milwaukee zipcode [53206] explains America's mass incarceration problem"
WUWM program

Former Milwaukee inmates: "I am more than my record." [a special WUWM web project]
WUWM logo WUWM Project Milwaukee series on "Black Men in Prison"







Causey of MJS James E. Causey of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL

more news

The Sentencing Project on "Wisconsin leads nation in black male incarceration rates"

Shepherd Express calls Wisconsin's incarceration rate "shocking."

The People's Mic (92.1 FM Madison, WI) interviews Marc Mauer about prison sentencing and his book "Race to Incarcerate."

Lily Bolourian of Policymic.com discusses Obama administration's plans to pivot the "War on Drugs" away from criminalization towards treatment.

BET on racial disparities in the prison system.

The Cap Times interview of Pamela Oliver of UW-Madison.

The BizTimes coverage of the ETI report.

UW-Madison Badger Herald looks at Wisconsin's drug sentencing laws.

Eugene Kane on "A dubious national title: Number one in locking up black men".

Dave Begel on "Wisconsin's a tough place to live if you are black"

Brennan Center newsletter examined unequal incarceration of poor defendants.

MPTV Logo MPTV series on "Black men in prison"

MPTV Black Nouveau special (#2232) on the Milwaukee town hall meeting and search for solutions to Wisconsin's high rates of incarceration of black men

Black Nouveau (#2209): Joanne Williams and LaToya Dennis discussed black male incarceration and ask why it has been ignored as a critical issue

Black Nouveau (#2222) looks at the "Building a Better Man" initiative with psychologists Drs. Ramel Smith, Bell Seymour, and Hector Torres

Black Nouveau (#2221 at 17:34) interviewed UWM social welfare dean Stan Stojkovic and Atty. R.L. McNeely from the Felmers Chaney Correctional Center Advisory Board

Black Nouveau (#2216 at 13:46) talked to state Senator Nikiya Harris about her proposed legislation to measure racial impact of criminal justice legislation ¡Adelante! talked to Project Return about job opportunities for ex-offenders

Fourth Street Forum: Building a safe community for all with Police Chief Edward Flynn, Norma Balentine from Safe and Sound, and Stan Stojkovic from UWM

Fourth Street Forum: Racial and gender bias: Persistent and subtle? with Paula Penebaker of the YWCA, Cheryl Maranto from Marquette University, and Nancy Hernandez from ABRAZO multicultural marketing

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