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Recent ETI reports are summarized in 1-3 page briefs. See the Publications Listings for the full reports.

PowerPoint Presentations (in PDF)

Research Updates on Employment and Poverty Issues

WUWM Discussions

    November 2012: Project Milwaukee: Help Wanted Forum on job skills gap issues and the shortage of jobs for experienced laid-off workers

    November 2010: Inner city single parents remain in labor force during the recession, half earn less than $20,000

    September 2010: July flood damage hits Milwaukee homeowners; foreclosures up in Waukesha County

    February 2010: 86,000 metro area workers on lay-off and receiving unemployment insurance

    December 2009: Addressing deep needs of innercity and new "hidden suburban poverty"

    June 2009: Race-based solutions needed for African American workers in Milwaukee

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