Internet Resources on Job Vacancies Studies (as of December 1, 1998)



Australia - Job Vacancies and Overtime
At this address, select "Statistics," then "Selected Main Features," then "Labour Statistics and Prices," then "6354.0 Job Vacancies and Overtime" to view the most recent figures and analysis of job vacancies in Australia.

The Netherlands - Vacancy Statistics
A table of annual vacancy statistics obtained by a quarterly vacancy rate survey.

South Africa - Statistical Release PO201: Manpower Survey
A summary of the results of the 1994 Manpower Survey conducted in South Africa.

United Kingdom - Skill Needs in Britain, 1997
A summary of the results of the most recent skill needs survey in England.


Germany - Employment Statistics
A table of employment statistics including job vacancies and a summary of the analysis.

Japan - White Paper on Labour
An outline of annual analyses of the Japanese labour market.


Australia - Skilled Vacancy Survey
The site of a monthly bulletin providing information on existing and emerging skills shortages in Australia.

United States - The Conference Board's Help Wanted Index
From this address choose "Economic Research and Analysis" and then "Help-Wanted." An explanation and most recent results of a monthly survey of 51 newspapers' help wanted advertising to gauge changes in the labor market.


GENESYS Yellow Page-Based Business Samples
Provides background on the construction and maintenance of yellow page-based business frames.

Measurement of Quality in Establishment Surveys
A paper by the U.S. Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology detailing sources of error in establishment surveys and practices to improve and measure the quality of establishment data.

Performance Evaluation of Public Employment Services (PES)
A detailed analysis by the International Labour Organization of methods of evaluating PES including its use as a sources of job vacancy data.

Recruitment and Selection in Australia: Results from a National Survey of Employers
A detailed discussion of the 1996 establishment survey conducted in Australia contained in the report Trends in Staff Selection and Recruitment published in 1997.

Survey Coverage
A paper by the U.S. Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology offering a discussion of coverage error and guidance on assessing the improving coverage in sample surveys.

Tools and Methods for Identifying Skill Shortages: A Cross-Country Comparison
An analysis of the methods used in six countries to identify skill shortages, published by Human Resources Development Canada.

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