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For FAA Directors

Time Off Notification

For any Director's planned time out of the office for business in excess of 1/2 day and any planned vacation or sick leave time of 1/2 day or more the Notification of Time Out of the Office form must be submitted. You may assume your absence has been approved unless you are notified to the contrary within 48 hours of your request.


Travel Requests

All out of state travel must be personally pre-approved by each director and forwarded to the Vice Chancellor's Office for review. Please use the travel approval request form. The form contains questions to be considered in the authorization process. Once travel is approved or not approved, the Vice Chancellor's office will email a PDF copy of this form to the Traveler, the Director, and the BFS Accounting Services/Travel Office. In addition, the traveler should attach copy to their Travel Expense Report form. Directors will still need to fill out the Notification of Time Out of the Office form.