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Limited Term Employees (LTEs)
LTE Hire Checklist

Many of these forms are available for downloading from Human Resources

  1. Limited term employees are hired for positions which are temporary. The individual cannot attain permanent status. LTEs are limited to working less than 1044 hours per year from the anniversary date of the appointment (1,012 hours during FY 2009-2011 due to furlough requirements).
  2. Multiple LTE appointments may be allowed for individuals if they are for different positions. The following factors must be considered when reviewing multiple LTE appointments for purposes of determining whether or not they are different. All factors will be considered collectively; no one factor will be determinative.
    • At least 50% of the duties of each LTE position must be different from the duties of the other LTE position held
    • A different classification title for each position
    • Different supervisors
    • Different program areas
    • Different geographic locations within the employing unit, e.g., different buildings
  3. Recurring limited term appointments are permissible. However, if the employee reaches the hourly limit but the work of the position continues, the employee must be terminated and a new person appointed. In situations where the hours worked will not reach the 1043-hour limit by the anniversary date, the individual may continue in the same position.
  4. Incorrectly classifying LTE positions in order to continue an employee in a position for more than 1043 hours is a violation of the State statutes and rules.
  5. The most appropriate classification to which permanent positions are assigned should be used for the LTE positions. Typically, LTEs are eligible to be paid up to the minimum of the pay range for the applicable classification to which permanent positions are assigned.


A recruitment announcement may be posted at Wisconsin Job Center. People wishing to use this agency to advertise LTE appointments, go to the website http://www.wisconsinjobcenter.org/jcw/about_us.htm.  You may also call 888-258-9966 or fax job openings to 888-720-5627. If ads are placed for the recruitment see the comments under Classified Recruitment Documents Required.

Criminal Records Check

All positions require a criminal background check. Please read: Job Applicant Conviction and/or Pending Charges Records Review, Policy and Procedures.  

Please send the following information to the PREP who will send the Criminal Records Check Letter and the Applicant Supplement form:

  • The employees full name, address and
  • Job position title


To hire an LTE:

  • Approved hiring justification
  • LTE Request/Report Form (If position description is typed on separate page, attach that page.)--original
  • Classified Staff LTE Candidates Log --original
  • I-9 (Must be completed by the employee on or before the first day of work. Must be completed by supervisor within 3 days of start of work.) -- Original
  • Employee Self Identification Form -- Original
  • W-4 (Tax Withholding Form) -- Original
  • Direct Deposit (ACH) (Direct Deposit) -- Original
  • This paperwork must be approved by the appointing authority and sent to Human Resources well before the employee starts.

Orientation Information and Documents

Funding Change or Salary Cash Transfer

Rate Increase

Establish an ePanther ID (needed to obtain email address)

Note: Except as noted, all of the above documents are prepared by the department and forwarded to the Vice Chancellor's Office.