Network and Computer Policies & Procedures

Admin Rights Policy


With the approval of a user's supervisor, and a valid work related reason a user can request administrative access to their PC.

To be granted admin access the user and their supervisor must sign a form agreeing to the following conditions.

If granted administrative rights on a PC, the user must agree to use those rights to install applications and modify settings only when it is necessary to do so (i.e. it has to be done in order to do their job at UWM). Being granted these rights does not give the user the right to install non-work related software on their PC. Also know that a specific usage agreement form will need to be signed by the user before the administrative login information will be given to the user.

Please know that the abuse of these administrative rights will result in the revocation of these rights.

If a user causes their computer to become non-functional because of their elevated access to their computer, their PC with be re-imaged to the state it was when admin access was granted without saving any data they may have saved on to the hard drive in the interim.

last reviewed: 02/15/2010
last revised: 02/12/2010