Network and Computer Policies & Procedures

New Network User Policy


Account Requests:

New User account requests must be made with the Vice Chancellor's Office. They are responsible for assuring that the new employee has an ePanther account. They send that person's ePanther ID, full name, and department information to the Systems Department. Within 24 hours of receiving the details for the new person; that person's accounts in the Finance and Administrative Affairs (FAA) network are created and their supervisor is emailed the details of their account information.

Overview of FAA Systems maintained accounts

  • Network account/ Finance and Administrative Affairs Active Directory (BFS-AD)
    The person's user name for the BFS-AD will be the same as the person's ePanther ID. Systems also sets the person's BFS-AD password to the same value as their ePanther password when the account is created. However these are two separate accounts and the passwords are changed independent from one another. 
  • BFS RightFax
    At the request of your supervisor (in Business & Financial Services only), you may also be assigned a fax phone number for sending/receiving faxes from their desktop through the RightFax system.

First-time sign on instruction:

Because passwords should always be kept confidential, new users should always change their passwords on all accounts the first time they sign on to these systems. The new employee should log into their PC using their network logon and password that was sent to their supervisor and do the following:

  • Change your Network password
    1. Once you have logged on using your network logon and password, press the control <Ctrl>, <Alt>, and <Del> buttons simultaneously.
    2. Click on the Change Password button.
    3. Type the currently assigned password into the old password box.
    4. Type a new password into the New Password box and the Confirm new password box.
    5. Click the OK button.
  • Change your ePanther password

    Go to and follow the instructions provided there

last reviewed: 02/15/2010
last revised: 02/12/2010