Network and Computer Policies & Procedures

Software Policy


Prohibited Software

Any software that is not directly related to you performing your job at UWM is to be considered prohibited. The installation of software other than the software that the Systems department approves can cause your computer to not function correctly. Any unauthorized software that a systems staff member finds installed on your computer may be uninstalled with out any notice. Good examples of prohibited software are Webshots and other 3rd party screensavers, Gator, and any third party games.

Supported Software

Software that is supported by the Systems staff is limited to the software that is installed by the Systems department prior to you receiving your computer and any software that has been cleared with the Systems department prior to its installation. Any software that is installed without the approval of a member of the Systems staff will not be supported. If you have software that is job related that needs to be installed on your computer just request assistance from Systems via the online Help Request Form. Someone from the Systems staff will then assist you with installing the software on your computer.

Purchasing Software

If there is work related software that you wish to acquire, please consult with the Systems department. The Systems department will check to ensure that the software will be compatible with your computer and existing systems. The Systems department will then arrange to purchase the software and coordinate it's installation with the user.

Software Licensing

Installing software on your work computer that you've purchased for use on your home PC not only creates potential support problems, it might also create licensing problems, and could very well be illegal to do so.

last reviewed: 02/15/2010
last revised: 02/12/2010