Network and Computer Policies & Procedures

General Network and Computer Usage Policy


The computer network and the computers on the network are owned by the university and are intended to be used by university employees conducting university related business. These computing tools are not intended for personal use.

Appropriate Usage

Using the computing tools provided to you to perform the duties of your job. One example of appropriate use would be the sending email to others to ask questions of, or to provide others with job related information/data.

Inappropriate Usage

  • Using the computing systems to conduct ones own personal business.

  • Installation of any software on FAA computers without first clearing it with someone in the Systems department. This includes any software downloaded from the internet as well as any personal software brought in from other sources. Installing any unauthorized software can in turn create problems with the functioning of your computer and/or the software installed on it.

  • The downloading or electronic distribution, displaying, or printing of any material that may be deemed offensive by anyone is also deemed inappropriate.

last reviewed: 02/15/2010
last revised: 02/12/2010