Registrar's Add/Drop Calendar

Below is an interactive calendar tool designed to provide information on deadlines associated with current and upcoming terms.

Deadlines are based on the session in which a class scheduled is scheduled for a term.  Most Fall, UWinteriM, and Spring term classes fall under the Regular session, but some are scheduled in a variety of partial-term sessions with different deadlines.  In the Summer term, classes are almost always scheduled in partial-term sessions.

If you are a student, see these instructions to identify the sessions in which your classes are scheduled via PAWS. 

If you are a student, staff, or instructor, see these instructions to identify the sessions for scheduled classes via the PAWS classes search.

Important Notes

Financial Aid: Students receiving financial aid do not earn 100% of their aid until the 60% point in the semester. Withdrawing from all classes prior to that point usually requires repayment of some financial aid.

PAWS Scheduled Outages: Please note that PAWS is currently scheduled to be inaccessible on the following dates for routine maintenance.  Plan add/drop actions accordingly.  Dates may be subject to change: March 1-2, 2014; June 7-8, 2014; September 20-21, 2014; December 6-7, 2014.

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