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See the Registrar's Add/Drop Calendar for specific registration and related tuition/fee assessment deadlines for classes in a term.

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Sessions - Summer 2013
Session Begin Date End Date
N/A May 20 Aug 24
N/A May 20 Aug 24
Four Wk 1 May 28 Jun 22
Six Wk 1 May 28 Jul 06
Twelve Wk May 28 Aug 17
Six Wk 2 Jun 10 Jul 20
Six Wk 3 Jun 24 Aug 03
Eight Wk 1 Jun 24 Aug 17
Four Wk 2 Jun 24 Jul 20
Six Wk 4 Jul 08 Aug 17
N/A Jul 15 Sep 28
N/A Jul 15 Aug 10
Four Wk 3 Jul 22 Aug 17

Important Dates to Remember - Summer 2013
Date Created:
September, 2012.
Please see the Change of Registration Deadlines website for deadlines associated with adding, dropping, or editing classes for sessions in the summer term.
January 8 Approximate date the Schedule of Classes will appear on PAWS and Online.
January 25 Deadline for Summer 2013 undergraduate graduation application submissions via PAWS.
March 25 Date that students who are eligible to enroll may access their Enrollment Shopping Cart and Enrollment Appointment time on PAWS. NOTE: All holds must be cleared before students can enroll. See the Enrollment Appointments website for more information.
April 1 Beginning of priority registration by appointment. PAWS will generally be available for registration from 6:00 am to midnight Monday-Saturday and noon-midnight on Sunday.
April 6 Beginning of open enrollment period. PAWS will generally be available for registration from 6:00 am to midnight Monday-Saturday and noon-midnight on Sunday.
April 29 Approximate date that summer tuition assessments will appear on PAWS.
May 27 Memorial Day holiday - University Closed.
May 28 First day of classes for most early sessions. Late registration fees are applicable on or after the first day of the earliest session in which the student is enrolled. The registration date is determined by the date the student registers via PAWS, or when a signed Add/Drop form is received in the Registrar's Office if processed administratively.
June 1 Deadline for Summer 2013 graduate student graduation application submissions via PAWS.
July 4 Independence Day - University closed.
August 18 Last day for most summer sessions.
August 20 Priority deadline for instructor grading in PAWS per faculty policy. More information on instructor grading at
August 24 Last day of the Summer 2013 term. Date of degree conferral for Summer 2013 graduates.
August 27 Final call deadline for instructor grading (final grade run date). All grades not entered into PAWS by 4:30pm will result in a value of NR, or not reported. After this point, all grade entries need to be submitted as a grade change.
August 28 Approximate date that Academic Standing and Dean's Honors appear for Summer 2013.