Upland Habitats at the Field Station

The Field Station owns almost 80 acres of one of the finest mature beech-maple forests remaining in southeastern Wisconsin. A recent acquisition of 18 acres of high quality beech-maple forest adjacent to the Field Station was purchased by the Nature Conservancy in 1991 for eventual donation to the Station. This parcel is being managed by the Station. Like the Cedarburg Bog, the beech-maple forest has been designated a State Natural Area, and is classified as a National Natural Landmark by the Department of Interior.

Approximately 110 acres of old agricultural fields in various stages of succession (including 15 acres still being cropped in hay) are available for experimental research. A history of the use and management of the agricultural and old field areas is maintained as part of our data base. Three of the old field areas are maintained permanently in herbaceous vegetation. Long-range plans for these fields include the introduction of native plants to increase species and community diversity. Prairie species have been planted in several fields.