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Special Students

Special Students may only qualify for Federal Stafford Loan consideration. Eligible special students must be enrolled in UWM certification programs or taking prerequisite courses for admission to a UWM degree/certification program.  For a list of eligible and ineligible programs, please refer to Eligibility/Consumer Information or click here.

Consideration is restricted to specific eligible categories: Please refer to Academic Progress Standards.

  • Special Students without a bachelor's degree are NOT eligible for financial aid!
  • Documentation of enrollment in an eligible category is required from the school or college administering the program.
  • Students should document eligibility on a "Special Student Enrollment Verification" form.
  • This form is available upon request from the Financial Aid Office. Special students (except those with a EDCS classification) must submit this form to the Financial Aid Office. It can also be downloaded from the Online Financial Aid Forms section of this website.
  • Students must enroll for at least 6 credits, which must be documented on the Special Student Verification Form.
  • Students completing prerequisites have 12 consecutive months of eligibility only.