Award Estimator

Students and their familes, to the extent that they are able, are expected to contribute to the cost of going to college. The award estimator is provided to help you estimate how much your family may be expected to contribute as well as an estimate as to how much you may be expected to receive in financial aid.

First Step
To use the following Award Estimator, you will be required to visit one of the following websites to get the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This is NOT what your family will actually be contributing, however it is a calculation (much like tax brackets) as to what your family is expected to contribute.

Second Step
Estimation Process - Now that you have your EFC value, enter the EFC value without any dollar sign ($).

Important Points

  1. This is an ESTIMATE and not your actual Financial Aid Award
  2. Do not use EFC of 0 (zero) unless the above calculators state you should use 0 (zero)
  3. DISCLAIMER: Awards shown assume funding is available in all programs at the time eligibility is determined. However, many programs have limited funding and will not be offered once funds have been exhausted. The only programs that don't usually run out of funding are the Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loans. You are encouraged to submit the FAFSA as soon as possible.
Award Estimator


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Financial Aid Handbook for 2011-2012