High Notes Players

November 2006 Stringalong Weekend


PRE-STRINGALONG Thursday/Friday: Come a Day Early! Be a ground breaker and come early for a smaller, more intimate Pre-Stringalong experience. Join us on Thursday night for dinner and a social jam party with the staff. Enjoy In-Depth classes and/or Group Staff Concerts during the day Friday.

MUSICAL NOTES Pat Donohue (Prairie Home Companion) and Celtic singer Connie Dover will join us. 16 staff concerts, 14 different instruments, and 67 classes cover Bluegrass, Celtic, Old Time, Latino, Swing, and the Blues. Amaze your friends (and irritate your enemies) with the musical saw! From the growl of the blues to the sweet angelic harp, from all-American banjo pickin' to the thunder of African/Carribean drums, from easy to advanced—there is an instrument here for everyone. Play in a band, sing harmonies, improvise, jam, perform at our Open Mike—or just sit back and listen to all the fun.

Native American style flute

African mbira thumb piano

STOP THE MUSIC! Sore fingers? Need to get up and move? Try our dance classes. Make an herb garden or learn to cook with herbs from around the world. Create handmade greeting cards to take home. Make any of a dozen wood/cardboard acoustic instruments ($29.95), an African mbira thumb piano ($20), or Native American style flute ($10). Drum a little in our Puerto Rican Bomba or Capoeira class. Learn how your digital camera works and submit your photos to appear here on this website or in our flyer. Step outside for some fresh air while learning how to track animals or become native to the place where you live.

NEW TO US? COMING ALONE? Meet other newcomers at a Welcome Meeting from 6:00-6:45 p.m. Friday. Get the Stringalong "inside story!"

JOIN US! Members Make All the Difference! Members provide essential supplemental funds to keep the Stringalongs alive. Support a wonderful cause while enjoying membership benefits. Please help us continue as one of the most popular and least expensive acoustic arts retreats in the country.

SPECIAL ROOM REQUESTS First Position members' registrations ($75+) will include rooms with balconies and either a lake or golf view. They will have queen rather than double beds, and we will try to give you your requests for floors 1-4 (first-come, first-served basis).

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER? WANT TO TRY SOMETHING NEW? We provide a supportive atmosphere to try active music-making for the first time. NO music background and NO note-reading are needed (unless indicated). The Autoharp or Mountain Dulcimer are probably the easiest to learn for those who have never had any kind of music lesson.

PRIVATE LESSONS WITH STAFF OF YOUR CHOICE Sign up with a favorite artist when you arrive. $25+/half hour. The Pre-Stringalong is a great time for private lessons.

RENT AN INSTRUMENT FOR THE WEEKEND Instruments are not provided unless specifically indicated. Help a newcomer enjoy the Stringalong by renting your extra instruments for $25 per instrument per weekend. Good condition only! Sign up on the registration form and we will put you in touch as needed.

GUESTS AND CHILDREN Bring a guest to share your room on Friday and Saturday for a greatly reduced fee. Guests ages 13+ may attend staff concerts and evening program and enjoy the pool or spa while you are in class. Fri./Sat. rates: adults age 13+ are $119, children age 0-3 are free; age 4-12 are $69. Please call Olympia front desk to inquire about babysitting if needed: 800-558-9573.

CAN YOU HELP US JUST A LITTLE BIT? Volunteering is a great way to get to know folks! The Stringalongs were founded on and continue to exist on our volunteer ethic. We keep your commitment as small as you need it to be, and there is much to choose from to fit your talents and interests. Please see our Volunteer page. "Never doubt that a small group of enthusiastic citizens can change the world...indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead